Parker Hale Sidelock Ejector 12 Bore

Spanish Made (Urgatechea) Parker Hale SLE in 12 Bore
Bright Actions with Rose and Scroll engraving
Full Wood straight hand stock retaining much of its original finish
Barrels at 28″ with solid bluing throughout
Choked approx 1/4 and 3/4
2 3/4″ chambers
14 1/2″ Length of Pull
Right Hand Cast
Action is tight with spotless bores

Tight SLE in an english style for BLNE money!



AYA No.4 Boxlock Ejector 12 Bore

A very clean BLE in excellent condition

Colourcase hardened action maintains much of original colour
Barrels at 28″
Choked 2 3/4″
Length of Pull 14 3/4″
Double Trigger
Right hand cast

Clean bores with deep bluing throughout
Shows a minor external mark to barrels, nothing major, usual sign of use
Wood is in excellent condition with much of original finish in place.




AYA No.2 Sidelock Ejector 12 Bore

A truly stunning example of the classic AYA No.2 sidelock ejector
This is so tight and shows so little signs of use it could easily be mistaken for new
Bright Action
Barrels at 28″
2 3/4″ / 70mm chambers
Choked 1/4 and 3/4″
Length of pull 14 1/2″
Right hand cast 3/8″

Full wood straight hand Stock is in excellent condition with finely figured grain and is practically unmarked
Metalwork is in pristine condition – bluing deep and full throughout right up to edges of muzzle and breech

A stunning example



Left Handed Browning A Bolt Medallion .270

A rare left handed Browning Medallion .270 in excellent condition
Fine figured stock with customary high gloss finihs of the high spec Medallion version
Solid bluing throughout
Clean bore shoots well, tested with Norma and PPC ammo
Screwcut 1/2″ UNF for moderator
Pachmayer rubber recoil pad
Comes with Browning twist in windage adjustable mounts
can be fitted with a range of rings to suit
Range of scopes and moderators available new and used



Heym SR20N .270 classic stalking rifle

Very clean example of Heym’s SR20N in .270
Customary smooth cycling action in a potent calibre of all UK and many overseas game

Wood has fine figuring with rosewood grip and fore-end tip
Metalwork has deep bluing throughout
unmodified and unmoderated! as it should be
Usual marks from storage, bore is clean and it shoots Norma and RWS extremely well

Fitted with Apel Swing off bases, comes with 1″ rings for a low x44 or similar scope, can be fitted with any other rings

They genuinely don’t make them like this anymore

Range of Scopes, Mounts available new and used



BSA 12/15 Falling Block Target Rifle .22 LR

A very clean but functional example of the classic BSA falling block 12/15 Target rifle

Front and Rear Parker Hale Sights
Brass Sight holder screwed into stock contains several aperture inserts
Receiver has dovetails fitted for use with scope mounts
Barrel threaded 1/2″ for a moderator
Stock has a lee Enfield wooden cheek piece fitted, easily removed
Metalwork is clean and tidy
Woodwork shows signs of use but is in excellent condition for its age



Sako 75 .222 Wood and Blue Action 1

One of the finest factory actions
This one in a true short action in one of the finest cartridges
What more could you want?

Barrel cut to 18″ with fresh crown and 14×1 thread
Metalwork maintain deep blue throughout
Detachable double stack 5 shot magazine
Magazine, bolt and action show very little sign of use
Custom oversized bolt knob
Stock is in excellent condition

Shoots extremely well with factory ammo


Full range of scopes, mods and mounts available
New and used