RWS Model 89 .222

Very nicely stocked Remington clone in a great cartridge
Stock has nice grain and figuring
Recently fitted with a new butt plate

Metalwork in good condition
Rifle tested and shoots well
Cheap and Cheerful


Weatherby Vanguard 7mm-08

A most underrated maker of fine rifles.
A classic sporting rifle in wood and blue
Stock shows some nice figuring and detail
Very few signs of use
Bolt head still maintains its original bluing indicating limited bolt cycles
Rifle has a lightweight sporter barrel, mounts and balances extremely well
Currently unthreaded, can be threaded to suit

Range of Moderators, Scopes and Mount both new and used available



Blaser R93 Professional 6.5×55

Very clean example of one of the finest Straight Pull rifles out there
Chambered in 6.5×55 which covers every quarry species you could possibly want in the UK and many abroad.

100gr through 150gr

Clean Synthetic stock
Metal work unmarked with coating unbroken
Unmoderated (can be cut in factory 14×1 spigot or any other thread to suit)

Range of Moderators, Scopes and Mounts, new and used available to suit


barrel still available

Cooper Arms Model 22 (Pheonix) in 6mm BR

Cooper Arms Model 22 (Phoenix) in 6mm BR

They don’t make them like this anymore….

Well actually they do but you won’t find one for sale very often as buyers don’t let them go and getting them into the UK is impossible.

$2500 RRP

This one is up for sale after years of deliberation by its owner! (grab it before he changes his mind!)

Bought from the Cooper Factory in .243

Rebarrelled n 6mm BR Rem with .272 neck, in a stainless 1:10″ Sassen in Rem Varmint profile

Vapour blasted, cut 1/2″ UNF with invisible thread protector

Single shot magazine

Stock is a factory Cooper “Phoenix” synthetic stock cerakoted Titanium with a Black Spider pattern overlay.
All other metal work cerakoted to match
Action Stainless pillar bedded
comes with matched Turn in Leupold bases for a range of ring options.
All work done by Neil McKillop

Round count circa 400
Thats it
A Sub 500 round Cooper for less than a factory Sako 85 in a cartridge everyone should own at least once

Accuracy as you would expect is extremely good
0.1-0.2MOA with 31.9gr N140 under 70 Sierra Blitzking at 2.153″ OAL

Available with a range of moderators, mounts and scopes to suit.


Sako 75 Deluxe in .22-250

Stunning example of the finest action Sako have ever made

Bluing is deeper than a deep thing on a dark night
Wood oozes quality with some fine figuring to the grain.
Skip line chequering is deep and crisp
Bottom metal carries the signature engraving of Sako’s Deluxe range

Rifle looks like it has seen minimal if any use

Screwcut 1/2″ UNF with invisible thread protector, cut long to protect the crown too
Rifle has been professionally pillar bedded with stainless pillar by Neil McKillop
Shoots factory grain 50gr Sakp ammunition into a 1/4″
Also comes with load date for 50gr Varmageddon

Whether you are doing a bit of foxing with class or taking a few Roe north of the border this is the kind of rifle you buy and should never sell.
Former owner is likely still kicking himself, buy before he changes his mind and tries to get it back!

Range of moderators, scopes and mounts to suit.
Why not top it with a 196gr titanium lined Freyr and Devik Featherweight Ti Moderator to take it to the next level in firearms porn!



AYA #3 Boxlock 16 Bore

Clean Bore, Tight on Face
Original bluing shows some wear
Border engraved action with retained colour
Disc Strikers
Good length to stock
Wood retains original finish
A fine light game gun

Right Handed
Barrel 26 ”
Stock 14 ⅝”
Chokes 3/4 & Full
Chamber 2″3/4



Baikal 27E-1C 12 Bore Over and Under

Built in Russia from girders!
Solid throughout, functional and reliable
Good condition, Tight Action,
Clean bores, solid ejection
Single Trigger pistol grip

Right Handed
Barrel: 27 ½”
Stock: 14 ½”
Chokes: 1/4 & 3/4
Weight: 5lb.5oz.
Chamber: 2″3/4
Trigger: 1


Lanber Sporting Over and Under 12 Bore

A clean and tidy version of Lanber’s classic Over and Under
Clean bore, Few cabinet marks, otherwise in decent condition
Multi choke – none with this gun but available at a great price from Mandel Chokes

Orient.:Right Handed
Barrel: 27 ”
Stock: 14 ”
Chokes: Multi & Multi
Weight:  6lb.6oz.
Chamber: 2″3/4
Trigger: 1
Ejection: YES



BRNO/CZ527 .222 Rem

Unmolested classic, not screw cut but can be in any thread you want
Detachable mag
Double Set Trigger
Mini Mauser Controlled feed bolt design

These things will shoot any ammo you care to feed it
I had one 10 years ago and should never have sold it!