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We offer a very competitive Commission Sales service that will often recover more value than is possible to recover privately or through a sale direct to a shop.

Items are valued to the best of our ability to the current market.
We then photograph them and market them both online and directly in store.
Most items sell quite quickly but we will work with customers to rebalance any pricing on items that are not selling.
We reserve the right to sell cheaper items (below £300) via auction or at our discretion if it is deemed an good price/opportunity for the customer.

From time to time firearms or firearms components come to the end of the life and may not be of value even as parts.  At this point they need to be destroyed and taken out of the system.
We can do this in house and file the destruction with Firearms Licensing.
Cost per item is £36 (£30 +VAT) per item.
We reserve the right to waive this fee if there are spare that can be recovered from the items.

Please note, Client collection of unsold commission sale items will incur a storage charge for the appropriate period to cover cost of advertising and admin.

Currently £5/week per gun for firearms.

All payments due from commission sales are paid 30 days after the transfer to allow for any returns under the Consumer Rights Act.

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