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We offer a very competitive Commission Sales service that will often recover more value than is possible to recover privately or through a sale direct to a shop.

Items are valued to the best of our ability to the current market.
We then photograph them and market them both online and directly in store.
Most items sell quite quickly but we will work with customers to rebalance any pricing on items that are not selling.
We reserve the right to sell cheaper items (below £300) via auction or at our discretion if it is deemed an good price/opportunity for the customer.

From time to time firearms or firearms components come to the end of the life and may not be of value even as parts.  At this point they need to be destroyed and taken out of the system.
We can do this in house and file the destruction with Firearms Licensing.
Cost per item is £36 (£30 +VAT) per item.
We reserve the right to waive this fee if there are spares that can be recovered from the items.

Please note, Client collection of unsold commission sale items will incur a storage charge for the appropriate period to cover cost of advertising and admin. (See below)

Currently £5/week per gun for firearms.

All payments due from commission sales are paid 30 days after the transfer to allow for any returns under the Consumer Rights Act. (See below)

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Terms and Conditions for Commission Sale of Sec1 and Sec2 Firearms

(updated Apr 24)

1) On lodging the items with us you will be provided with a paper Form 11 disposal notification and receipt.

If there is even a remote possibility that an owner needs to recover or remove any firearms from sale DO NOT send this form or notify the Police Firearms office of the disposal until AFTER the actual sale.

You are effectively storing them with us until this transfer/sale.

If Firearms are disposed of via Form 11 notification to Police prior to sale/return you will require a Sec1 variation and the appropriate authority to take possession of your unsold firearms, or have a Sec2 shotgun put back on your Shotgun Certificate.

Your original FAC/SGC will show the disposed firearms unless the certificate has been reprinted but you will NOT have authority to take possession as your file will be updated at Firearms HQ.

This will be explained in detail at the time of disposal.

Any questions please ask

2) Values to be recovered will be fixed in advance of advertising/sale to allow any negotiation with buyer to be made at the time of sale and removing the need to contact the owner before selling.

If we take a lower sale price on the day this will NOT impact your recovered value.

We will contact customers to discuss altering sale values on items that are not selling within a reasonable timeframe.

3) We reserve the right to advertise, market and sell all items as we see fit to recover the figure fixed with the client.

Items for sale may be split up to allow us to maximise the value recovered. Scopes, Bipods, stocks, accessories etc

Some items may be sold in parts or packaged up with other components to generate the best price for you.

4) We often take in other items in part exchange. This does not impact the value recovered by the client or the payment schedule.

5) We are bound by the terms of the Consumer Rights Act. Items sold regardless of new or used may be returned for repair/replacement/refund within 30 days.

Items sold online may be returned without cause within 14 days.

For this reason we aim to settle balances to clients 30 days after the sale.

6) Items sent to auction will incur a minimum £30 fee to cover admin, auction listing and photography charges to us.

Any additional shipping or courier charges will be notified in advance.

Auction Hammer prices are subject to auction house charges prior to our settlement and fees.

Settlement from some auction houses is 45 working days.

We aim to sell most items in store to avoid this.

Less valuable or specialist items may recover a greater value at auction than in store. This will be presented at the time of lodging with us.

7) Items we have taken a deposit or partial payment on are to be considered SOLD and may not be withdrawn from sale by the client/owner.

8) Items removed from sale by the owner will incur a storage charge for the relevant period.

This covers our admin and advertising costs.

Current Sec1/2 storage is £5 per week.

We will discount this at our discretion.