Stalon VICTOR presents a minimal weight, slim design and excellent performance in relation to its size. A perfect combination for a feather-light and well-balanced weapon. VICTOR is ideally suited for driven hunting, mobile hunting and / or for dog keepers thanks to its slim design and feather-light weight.

Stalon XE108 presents a short extension of the weapon and an outstanding performance for larger calibers and / or magnum calibers, a perfect combination for a well-balanced weapon. XE108 is ideally suited for driven hunting, mobile hunting and / or for dog keepers thanks to its short extension.

Stalon X149, telescopic silencer excellent for hunting and shooting in most calibers, from cal. .222 to cal. .45.
The X149 is the longer version of the X108, thanks to the well-balanced front piece the silencer reduces the sound even better. The X149 is outstanding for stalking or similar hunting styles where the silencers performance is the primarily demand



Centre Fire Modular Over  Barrel –                                   RRP £265
Length – 205mm, Weight 260g

Magnum Centre Fire Modular Over Barrel –                RRP £285
Length – 255mm, Weight 315g

Muzzle Forward Centre Fire Modular –                            RRP £255
Length – 151mm, Weight 192g

Stainless baffles, extra baffles, rear sections and all other components available separately


Wildcat Panther (.17/.22 RF)                                    RRP: £149
Length 168mm Weight 222g

Wildcat Evolution (Centrefire)                              RRP £248

Wildcat Predator 8 (Stainless T8)                        RRP £248
Length 112-250mm

Wildcat Predator 12 (Stainless T12)                    RRP £269
Length 112-250mm

Wildcat  Whisper (.17/.22 RF)                                 RRP £135

Wildcat Cub (.17/.22 RF)                                           RRP £40




Ase Ultra

CQB-S   (Up to .224)                                   RRP £286
CQB (Up to .224)                                          RRP £265
Compact (.25 or .30)                                 RRP £313

SL5i (.223, .25, .30)                                    RRP £269
SL6i (9.3, .375)                                             RRP £293
SL7i (.308, .300. 338 magnum)          RRP £331


A-Tec Moderators


Hertz 119/Maxim 4 (.25 or .30)             RRP £226
MAXIM-6  (6.5 or .30)                               RRP £276

CARBON-02  (6.5 or .30)                       RRP £423 
Titan4 (6.5 or .30)                                      RRP £301

Aluminium with Titanium baffles
CMM4 – (6.5or .30)                                   RRP £226
A-Tec CMM4 Rimfire                               RRP £51
SAK Rimfire                                                  RRP £34

PES /MAE Moderators

Xtreme BL (.17-224)                                            RRP £299
MAE 30 COMPACT BL (.22 to .300wm)   RRP £320
T12 Overbarrel (22-300wm)                           RRP £364
T12 Scout (.22-308)                                            RRP £364
T42 (6mm to .30)                                                 RRP £435