We are now offering Simulated Stalking Events for Summer 2023

Course details, dates and booking info.


Hearthstanes Estate, Tweedsmuir, Scottish Borders.


Saturday July 15th

Sunday August 13th

(Other dates to be announced)


Full day Training and Live Firing Course – £250 per person

PM Live Firing course ONLY – £150

(Spectators free, by prior arrangement.)

Estate rifle available at a cost of £60 per day plus ammo at £40/20 rounds. 40-60 rounds required.

Time: 9am to 530pm

Local Accommodation available.

Priority given to group bookings.

Max group of 15 per day.

Stalker Requirements:

Valid FAC and Sporting Insurance (BASC/BDS/SGA/SACS etc).

Centrefire rifle ideally with moderator.

Attend with adequate ammo for the day, Approximately 60-80 rounds required. (No limits!)

(Unless using Estate Rifle).

Attend with any accessories and sticks you would normally stalk with.

If you do not have any they will be provided.

Stalkers must be physically capable of walking with rifle and any associated stalking gear for up to 1 mile at a time.

(Simulated Course of fire will require continuous walking covering this approximate distance)

Course Details:

9am – approx 12 noon – Range training

Stalkers to be trained in groups and one to one on:

1) Understanding Your Equipment

Specifically designed to educate users on the features and capabilities of YOUR rifle.

Rifle Set up and maintenance.

External ballistics of your cartridge.

100m zero vs 200m zero.

Understanding your scope and reticule, MOA/MIL vs Inches/CM,

Turret adjustments – Dial or Hold.

Holdover using reticule or target size.

Effect of angles on trajectory and point of impact.

Wind calls and holds – wind simplified.

Using Ballistic Apps.

Build a range card for your rifle.

Creating a Swift Firing Solution in the field, and more.

2) Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

Personal and group training from an instructor on:

Natural Point of Aim,

Rifle Grip/Hold Techniques,

Trigger control,

Recoil management,

Shot Follow through,

Shooting with a moving reticule.

Reloading under pressure.

Backstops and safe shot choices.

Swift target acquisition and shot release under time constraints.

Practice drills, dry firing,

Identify and address any bad habits!

Within this section you will also be trained in, and practice Firing Position building across a full range of :

Prone, Sitting, Kneeling, Standing, Unsupported off elbows.

Using your environment, trees, fences, rocks, structures, slings, backpacks etc.

Using sticks: Single, Twin, Tripod/trigger, Quad and Quin sticks…All the sticks!!

3) Live Firing Range

Put your new found theoretical and physical skills into a course of fire from a static and controlled Firing Point with multi distance steel targets.

Stalkers will be put through a live firing course to practice position building from prone to freehand standing and everything in between.

You will be using and developing the range card you have previously built for your rifle.

Targets will be engaged at 100-400m.

Circa 30-50 rounds required

The Range element of the course will be tailored to the user group whether they be Complete Beginners or Super-Sniper-Stalkers.

(Those who immediately proclaim to be in the latter category will be treated with suspicion!).

(Range Safety)

All stalkers will receive a detailed range briefing before any training or access to the range is given.

All firearms will remain unloaded and off the firing point until stalker is instructed to advance to the firing point by the Range Controlling Officer.

Practice position building will be done in a separate area using unloaded firearms.

Muzzle awareness is paramount at all times.

No Firearms to be taken out of carrying slips/cases at any time until indicated by the RO or Instructor.

When Firearms are in use the muzzle must be pointed downrange at all times.

Failure to follow safety instructions issued by the RO/Instructor or demonstrating dangerous behaviour may result in the stalker being ejected from the range and no further part will be taken in the Simulation day without refund.

It is the Stalker’s responsibility to ensure Firearms and Ammunition are in serviceable and safe condition.

Any failure of equipment or ammunition resulting in a danger to the stalker or anyone on the range may result in the firearm being disqualified from use and the user not being able to complete the range.

Any stalker arriving late will not be allowed to enter range area without being given the range briefing.)

1230pm onwards.

Simulated Stalking Course.

Two courses of fire.

(Course Safety Notes at end)

Simulated Stalking Course One

Stalkers will be set away individually to walk a Simulated Stalking course that will include 8 “live” targets positioned perpendicular to the walking route.

These will include 7 Steel Roe Targets and 1 Steel Fox Target (Bonus points!)

Each target has two reactive paddles.

One in the chest (larger)

One in the neck (smaller).

There will also be one “Booby Trap“ target within one of the target areas.

“Booby Trap” target is not steel and will not react.

This target is positioned in one of the target areas to simulate a dangerous shot through either location or proximity to something/someone.

Shooting the Booby Trap target will incur a 50 point penalty. (And much ridicule..)

Each “Live Target” in each Target area will require two shots from any firing position the Stalker deems appropriate depending on the terrain.

Targets will be at ranges from 75-250m

First shot:

Chest, reactive 5” paddle on steel roe target. (10 points)

Second Shot:

Neck, reactive 3” paddle on steel roe (20 points)


Chest, reactive 5” paddle on steel roe.

(10 points).

The second shot requires moving, repositioning and rebuilding of firing position in an designated area marked on ground, to simulate a target that has been shot and has moved presenting an follow up “Coup De Gras” shot from another firing position.

Each stalker will be individually observed and scored by an instructor at each target area.

The Stalker will be timed from the moment they see the target to the first shot.

Then again from the first shot to the second shot.

Lowest combined times and highest Points will count towards the (informal) “Super Stalker” prize.

Highest Points counted first.

In the event of a tie the lowest time will be awarded the position.

Points will be awarded as follows for:

1st Shot Impact on reactive chest paddle – 10 points

2nd Shot Impact on reactive neck paddle- 20 points.

2nd Shot Impact on reactive chest paddle – 10 points

(Or if Impact within “kill zone” around chest paddle 5 points.

There is NO additional kill zone around the neck paddle.

Miss the paddle – Nil Points!

The risk on taking the neck shot for extra points comes at the risk of no points.)

Bonus Fox Target at 250m+

Shot from marked area.

Any firing position.

Hit Target anywhere – 10 points

Hit 3” Chest Paddle – 20 points

Hit 1” Neck paddle – 40 points

(NB: Fox Target can be viewed from lunch/break hut.

First Stalker through engages target with only the instructor watching.

Last Stalker shoots with a full audience!)

As Stalkers reach the end of the course there will be lunch/refreshments served and a chance to compare notes and discuss the day’s events!

Course One Max Points Available – 250


Course Two

As the last Stalker completes the First Course and comes in for lunch/coffee, the first Stalker will be set away to complete the course again in reverse.

This time round two shots will be required from a designated area marked on the ground that will increase the range and angle to the target the stalkers have already identified and engaged on Course One.

The Stalker is free to choose any firing position they deem appropriate.

Target ranges will be from 150-350m

Second Course Points:

7 targets.

Chest Paddle hit – 10 points

Chest Kill zone – 5 points

Neck Paddle hit – 20 points

Miss Neck paddle – zero points.

Course Two Max Points Available- 280

Total Course Points Available -530

Course Safety

All Stalkers will walk the Live Simulation course with unloaded rifles. (Empty magazines/chambers)

They will load their rifle only when instructed to do so by the instructor within each target area.

Only two rounds are required per target area.

The target area will be clearly marked on the ground by coloured paint lines.

Different colours for different courses.

The area and route between target areas can be walked at any pace the stalker is comfortable with but they must keep up.

Faster walkers between the target areas may overtake slower walkers. (No prizes!)

No Stalkers may enter a target area unless invited to do so by the Instructor for that area.

If a stalker is completing a target area, approaching stalkers must wait for the area to clear and the Instructor to indicate it is safe to enter.

Failure to follow this simple rule of travelling unloaded may result in the stalker being asked to leave the course without recourse to refund.

All targets will be perpendicular to the direction of travel and firing positions will be clearly marked.

Instructors will remain within the target firing area and each Stalker will be met as they walk into the Target Area.

Stalkers will be given directions as to the boundary of the target area and which side of the course route the Live Target is located.

This is to speed up proceedings and for safety.

If the Stalker is struggling to locate/identify the target they can ask for assistance.

If a Stalker is unable to identify the range to the target, the Instructor can provide the data.

Firing Solutions/drop/holdover for each target MUST be provided by the Stalker. (Based on the morning’s training)

Once targets have been engaged and each Target area completed all firearms must be confirmed clear/safe by the instructor at that target area before a stalker can move off to the next area.

No ammunition to be reloaded until instructed to do so at the next target area.


All applications and enquiries by email to