Hasler Bullets come to the UK

Premium non lead bullets for the hunting and target market now available to consumers and retailers.

Lathe turned, High BC, Excellent accuracy and Terminal characteristics
Factory Ammunition available in various cartridges starting Q4 2018
















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Freyr & Devik – Sound Suppression Technology

We are proud to announce the range or Freyr and Devik centrefire moderators for sale and distribution across the UK

The first product to hit the market is the F280 Titanium
Designed and built in Norway, these moderators answer all the major questions asked of a centrefire moderator

“Light?” – 280gr with an even lighter featherweight version coming in Mar/Apr 2018
“Small?” – Tapered design 44-49mm outside diameter, 215mm long, 125mm forward of muzzle
“Efficient?” – A modest rating of 28-30 Db attenuation through close bore to calibre tolerance and baffle design
“Resilient?” – no gas cutting, first baffle and shroud is machined from Titanium. No need for extra steel baffles or longevity concerns.
“Expensive?” – RRP of £345, right in the middle of the Premium Hard Wearing Steel and Light Alloy moderators.
Significantly below any other Titanium moderator
“Will it mark my barrel?” – No! No bush required, tapered design and different sized rear section to accommodate sporter or heavy/varmint barrel profiles.

Built with balance and design in mind this moderator is just at home on a bipod equipped hill rifle as it is on a driven hunt

Available in a wide range of metric and imperial thread sizes
Baffle Bore to accommodate .224 to 9.3mm
Rated up to 85gr case capacity 300 Win Mag etc

Whats not to like!?

Now announcing the Featherweight Range

The Featherweight No.1 (FW269)
269gr of pure sound suppression

The Featherweight Titanium (FW196)
196gr small but perfectly formed

See the results of most recent moderator test above


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