Non Lead Bullets and Ammunition

Non Lead Bullets are becoming an increasingly important part of game management and pest control.
Whether it be from a reduced environmental impact or the provision of metal and lead free game meat, non lead bullets are the future.

Edinburgh Rifles and Sporting Goods have been at the forefront of the testing, research and development of non lead bullets and amminition in the UK.
We are now the proud importer of two premium non lead bullet brands.

Fox Non Lead Bullets and Classic Hunter Ammunition.
Designed for use on game from the outset,
Fox bullets present an extremely accurate and terminally efficient hunting bullet.
Produced in Slovenia, we import reloading components and bulk projectiles for ammunition production.
With calibres from .224 through to .375 and numerous weight classes, there is an option for all seasons.
The conical ogive and long shank design makes the bullet extremely accurate and less fussy to bullet seating depth when reloading.
Also available in a limited range of non expanding target bullets for a cheaper practice option without the need to rezero.
The short profile of the Fox Bullets has allowed us to develop a range of factory ammunition that is unique in meeting UK Deer Act legislation and still presents a stable and accurate round in slow twist factory rifles.

They include:
.22-250Rem  50gr  Factory ammo for factory 1:14″ twist barrels
.222Rem 50gr Factory ammo for factory 1:14″ twist barrels
.318″ Mauser bullets for use in small ring 8x57J Mauser rifles

Fox Classic Hunter Ammunition is currently in use in volume by a number of UK public and private sector Forestry organisations as well as numerous estates, charitable trusts, Professional, Semi Professional and recreational stalkers alike.

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Peregine Monolithics
Produced in South Africa, Peregrine non lead bullets cover a wide range of applications from Extreme Long Range Target shooting through to Handgun bullets.
The Hunting bullet range covers a wide cross section of quarry species from .17 projectiles used for vermin and small game, right through to .500 call Dangerous Game bullets.
The VLR4 “PlainsGame” bullets represent some of the most technically advanced non lead hunting bullets currently made.
High Ballistic Coefficent design, Low Pressure/Low friction driving bands, Solid Copper with a Brass plunger as a “Ballistic Tip”.
The tip works as both a BC enhancer as well as an extremely efficient way of initiating expansion.
Extremely good terminal effect on game with reliable expansion down to terminal velocities as low as 1600fps.
The wide range of products from Peregrine has allowed us to develop bullets and ammunition to answer some of the most challenging questions of the move to non lead.  Not least the ability to use a 100gr “large deer legal” .243 round, that stabilises in a standard 1:10″ twist
This is no longer a dream and exists in the form of the VRG3 100gr .243 bullet

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